UPDATE 030711 If you've missed our inane, random photostories to do with nothing but the classic Sei and Tsuki, you're in luck. Two new photostories (kinda)! Also noticed that we failed to put in TDA09, oops. If you haven't seen that, truck over for a look.

UPDATE 300511 Oh thank God. We've finally finished up Ren's arc in Dailies, of which I think when you see it you may understand why we took so long. From here on we really hope that we can just continue with our lives and catch up faster. For anyone still here - thank you. Thank you muchly.

UPDATE 130909 New photostory in the current Dailies story arc via Gallery again!

There're also new Links in both English and non-English sections: the former being okamishoujo's Violet et Rouge, and the latter being the mostly Chinese-language Sepia Spiral. Do have a look!

UPDATE 260809 New photostory in the current Dailies story arc via Gallery. ;)

UPDATE 140809 Weekly update attempt! Two new photostories in the current Dailies story arc, via Gallery. Let's see how long this can be kept up - college term has started again. D8

I actually like that photo of Tea, but it seemed appropriate. Anyhow, welcome (back) to tangled web.